Rigid endoscopesRSS

Laparoscope TO1-100-320-00 Eleps

art.: 101030

diameter:10 mm

angle of view:

working lengh:320 mm

Laparoscope TO1-100-320-30 Eleps

art.: 101030A

diameter:10 mm

angle of view:30°

working lengh:315 mm

Laparoscope TO1-100-320-45 Eleps

art.: 101030B

diameter:10 mm

angle of view:45°

working lengh:317 mm

Laparoscope TO5-100-240-00 Eleps (with instrument channel  D=5,3 mm)

art.: 102718

diameter:10 mm

angle of view:

working lengh:240 mm

Instrument channel:5,3 mm

Laparoscope TO5-120-240-00 Eleps (with instrument channel  D=7,3 mm)

art.: 122718

diameter:11,6 mm

angle of view:

working lengh:233 mm

Instrument channel:7,3 mm