Hysteroscope (Cystoscope) TO1-040-300-30 Eleps (autoclavable, with sapphire window)

4 mm
angle of view:
working lengh:
301 mm
Hysteroscope (cystscope) is designed for the optical observation of the surgical field for diagnostic examinations and surgical operations on the uterine cavity (hysteroscopy) or the urinary bladder (cystoscopy). The diameter of the tube 4 mm. Working length 301 mm. The angle of viewing direction12?. The optical system rod with multi-coated. Illuminated connector is 80? angle to the axis of the endoscope, for preventing unnecessary light guide cable bend at the junction and premature wear. Optics is compatible with all standard medical cameras. Can be used with high-definition cameras («HD and Full HD»). Housing material tube optical special corrosion-resistant steel. Material eyepiece medical plastic. It comes with two adapter cables to connect the light sources of various manufacturers (STORZ, R Wolf).