Shaver system for Arthroscopy

Operation modes: clockwise, counterclockwise, reversing
Rotation speed can be controlled within the preset range using a footswitch
Stabilization of rotational speed independently of tissues density
Variable reversing (3 frequencies)
The rotation speed and reversing csn be set and stored individually to suit the application and use of the instruments
9 memory cells for storage of individual settings
Ligth titanium handpiece
Ergonomic design
Easy handle disassembling for cleaning and sterilization
Waterproof immersible body

Power voltage, V 220+22
Power consumption, VA no more thain 120
Rotational speed, rpm 200-6000
Reverse frequencies of SHAVER, Hz 0,5; 1,2; 2,0
Static rotational moment, mN*m no less than 200
Continuous operation time, hour no less than 0,5
Dimensions, mm 270x280x116
Weight of SHAVER, kg 7
weight of Handpiece, kg 0,78