Electronic Insufflator I-250-40
Dimensions, mm 323*132*329+1
Mass, kg 9
Power voltage, V 220 +22
Input pressure, MPa 0,35-0,45
Power consumption, VA No more, than 45
Automatic maintenance of preset gas pressure within the range, mm of Hg 1 -30
Measurement of spent gas volume within the range, 1 0,01 - 999
Gas flow rate, l/min 1 -40
Digital indication of preset pressure, mm of Hg 1 -30
Digital indication of abdominal pressure, mm of Hg 1 - 99
Digital indication of preset flow rate (% of preset value) 0- 100
Digital and sound indication of negative pressure, mm of Hg 1 - 9

Pressure release system, when pressure exceeds the preset value for 3 mm of Hg during more than 10 sec.
Light and sound indication of zero input pressure, break of gas hose, squeeze of gas hose, excess pressure of 3mm of Hg to preset value.