Endovideocamera 1CMOS Full HD

Type of camera:
digital, 1CMOS Full HD
Sensetivity, lux:
F7/3200K, 200Lk
Signal/noise ratio, db:
no less than 50dB
Video outputs:
2x DVI-D; 1x VBS; 1x S-VIDEO; 2x HD SDI; 1x USB A
Camera head cable lenght, m:
Control unit dimensions:
Mass of control unit:
no more than 3,5 KT
The EVK – 003(81)R endoscopy video camera with video recording delivers extremely clear and sharp image in Full HD standard by using a single CMOS solution. Even the finest details in tissue structures are distinguishable. The camera offers all necessary functions for surgical application such as digital zoom, freeze and others.